Hello! I’m Debbie. I’m a video editor and lover of comics, sci-fi and fantasy tv shows, books and movies, podcasts, and cosplay. I’ve always struggled a little bit with being a professional in the entertainment industry and also being a fan. Over time, I realized three things. 1) It is a joy to work on things that I am a fan of 2) EVERYONE is a huge geek about SOMETHING 3) no one really cares. Once I started going to conventions and meeting the people who make the things I love, the more I’ve realized that the entire reason I decided to explore the career I did was so I could do the same thing.

So I’ve decided to mark my little corner of the Internet with a place that I can fully embrace my geekiness, and this blog has come from that decision. I’ve blogged in the past when I was studying abroad and after I moved across the country (and I’ll probably move some of those posts over here) but those blogs have lost momentum because I’ve lost focus, so I thought I’d start this new blog fresh and with a purpose.

If you want to see my editing work, head on over to debbie-rolf.com or tribecafilm.com (where I am currently working). If you want to see the other things I do, go to

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