So I took a blogging break and here is why.

It’s been a while.
A lot has happened.
Let’s recap.

This summer has been weird. Some shakeups at my job have made me take a hard look at my career, my creative goals, and doing this has forced me to create a much more concrete idea of what I want to be doing with my time and how I want to be making money. I’ve recently made some short term changes that I’m hoping start a long term movement. I can’t really talk about a lot of it right now, but the important thing is that I am no longer working at the film festival and am excited to see where new opportunities take me.
Because the work situation, most of my summer has been frustrating and a little sad. It is hard going from working with most of your friends to not working with most of your friends, and that change left me feeling a little depressed for a few months. So, I pulled a Charlie and ran away from my problems.
At the end of July I took a huge 3 week trip. It was the longest trip I’ve taken that wasn’t for school, and it provided me some of the happiest memories of my life. Eventually I will write a full recap trip post, but for now I will summarize. My trip had three parts.
  1.  SDCC. I went with two friends, who decided to spend the entire convention either in line for or inside Hall H. Having no desire whatsoever to do that, I ended up meeting up with some amazing people from Team Hooman and had the time of my life.
  2. Vancouver. I decided to visit because of the film industry there and because I knew it was pretty. I ended up falling in love with the city and am seriously considering moving there in the next 5 years.
  3. Alabama. My little sister was graduating from college and so my family rented a house on a lake and a boat so that we could spend the week before the ceremony drinking and swimming.
Since I got back to NYC, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I felt in Vancouver, where I want to live, and why. I came back to NYC with the plan to take advantage of the things that Vancouver has to offer that are also right here in NY. What I loved most about being in Vancouver was that I actually went running and hiking and exploring. I can do that where I already live, right? Wrong. Unfortunately I’ve encountered a massive set-back. I hurt my foot (because of all that running and hiking and exploring most likely. Life is a bitch sometimes).
Formal diagnosis is plantar fasciatis and I cannot run/hike/take the new fitness and fighting classes I’ve been planning on taking for about a month. It sucks and I’ve been really down about it.
However there is a lot of good in this situation.
The good is that I have identified what I want changed. I have a list. I have an action plan.
The bad is that part of this is stalled.
The good in spite of the bad is that I am currently undergoing a big life change because of the work situation. As long as I am shaking up one aspect of my life, why not shake up another, right? Right.
Like I said, eventually there will be a longer post about my trip complete with pictures and everything, but I need to get through NYCC and starting my new job first.