I should not own knives

Friday was weird. Work was strange and stressful due to something completely out of my control, and I wasn’t feeling well on top of everything so I went home early. I was thinking that I could relax with a beer, watch some Game of Thrones, and go to bed super early.

Great plan, right?

Unfortunately, I decided to try to make myself something to eat. This story may be a little gross to people, so if you want the short version imagine I am Dean:

I was cutting an avocado in half, went to give it a good WHACK, completely missed and found myself staring at the knife buried in the side of my finger.

I quickly pulled it out, looked at the cut and thought;

Wow, that’s deep.

Hey, look at those layers!

What’s that white thing-oh…



(That last one was out loud)

Fortunately (depending on how you look at it, I am choosing to be optimistic) I have experience with accidental deep cuts. Last time I accidently cut myself bad enough to go to the ER, I remember that my dad held the edges of the cut closed with bandages as soon as possible. By the time we got to the ER, it was closed enough that they just needed to use super-liquid-bandage.

That’s basically what happened here. I wrapped a few bandaids tightly around my finger and went to the closest City MD. While there they cut off my band-aid, saw that the cut wasn’t gaping, and decided it was best to slap some glue on it and call it a day.

Well, there was a lot more to the conversation, but those were the important bits.

In case you are curious, nowadays doctors try to avoid stitches unless there is trouble getting the bleeding to stop or the edges of the cut will not stay closed. Stitches are kind of annoying. You have to be careful not to get them caught on anything, and you have to go back to the doctor if they need to be taken out. Anyway, I was happy I didn’t need them.

Throughout the entire process, one thing was really creeping me out. Nothing hurt! Sure, there was some initial sharp pain the moment I cut myself, but even now two days later, there hasn’t been any pain. The only time it hurt was when I accidently whacked my finger while I was washing my hair. The doctor said it is because there aren’t a lot of nerve endings in that part of my finger, but I still think it should have hurt more.

Time for pictures, because I think this stuff is cool.

Immediately after the glue had been applied.
Last night, notice the deep bruising and minor swelling.
Before the glue was applied and this morning.

So, there you have it. I should not be allowed to own knives.

  • Kay

    Youch! But yay for no stitches!

    • Debbie

      Thanks 🙂 It’s mostly healed now, so thankful it wasn’t worse!