Another List!

This is another list post. Honestly, I’m not feeling super motivated to write anything longer right now. The festival I work for is less than a month away, so work is crazy. On the weekends, I’m so mentally exhausted that I can barely keep up with doing normal life things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning. However, there are a lot of people/things that I want to send some virtual love to, so here is what I’ve been enjoying this week:

  • I’ve been reading a lot more thanks to apps that I can use to borrow books from the library. This week I read ZerOes by Chuck Wendig and it was awesome. I know almost nothing about hacking or writing code, but this made we want to sit in the dark and type really quickly.
  • I ordered another dress from Catherine Elhoffer! I LOVE it and cannot wait until it is warm enough to wear it to work.
  • I wrote about 5 geeky tattoos I want over on Common Room. I honestly want SO MANY geeky tattoos, but I change my mind way too often to actually commit to getting one. I love wearing Starbuck’s temp tattoo when I cosplay though… Maybe one day!
  • DI was introduced to the music of Kaki King. Not only is her music amazing, but she makes me have a serious case of hair envy. Go and sign up for her newsletter and buy her stuff!
  • One thing that I cannot believe we are still pulling off is the podcast I co-host with my friend Ashley called You Haven’t Seen?!. We have finally nailed down our new posting schedule (twice a month) and we are back this week watching Annie Hall.
  • And finally, ending with a gratuitous gym selfie. I was not healthy this week and made some really bad diet choices, but I went to the gym today and was able to lift more than I have before and it made me feel awesome. I’m finally getting to the point where I can see my muscles even when I don’t flex. I’ve felt strong for a while, and it feels great, but I’m really loving that now I feel like I LOOK strong as well.