Book review: Not Giving A F*ck

I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight. A parody of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, this book tackles mental clutter instead of physical things.

Short version? I loved this book. I took notes! I told my mom! I tweeted about it! I will continue to tell as many people about this book as possible and you should definitely read it.

Okay, so long version. Knight boils down the reason why we give a fuck to things and provides a process for taking an inventory of your f*cks and deciding what you should give them to. Bringing it back to Kondo’s book (which I have not read yet but have a hold on at the library) we give a f*ck to things that annoy us or things that bring us joy. The purpose of the book is to not give a f*ck to the “annoy” column and focus on the “joy” column.

One bit that I found particularly useful was when Knight talked specifically about work and friends/acquaintances. These are two aspects of my life where I tend to give a lot more f*cks than I probably should. As Knight confirms, giving a f*ck costs time, energy, and money. As I was reading I realized that one of the reasons I’ve been feeling creatively drained recently was because I was giving a lot of f*cks to things that I couldn’t control or change. Later today I’m planning on going through the entire process outlined in the book and listing my f*cks, crossing off the f*cks I shouldn’t be giving, and then seeing how much time, energy and money I’ll be saving by conserving my f*cks.

While a lot of the specific examples that Knight gave didn’t apply to me (for example, there was an entire section on marriage and in-laws that I sort of just skimmed over), I thought this book was the best “self-help” advice that I’ve read in a while. A lot of it I already knew intuitively, meaning there are a lot of things that I already just don’t care about, as well as many things I know I care too much about, but Knight has given me words to describe these feelings and I am looking forward to going off as one of the “enlightened”.

I borrowed this book from the NYPL through 3M Cloud Library app. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books through this app, as well as OverDrive. Since I don’t have a Kindle, don’t feel comfortable whipping my iPad out on the train, and am trying so very hard to stick to a budget, I’ve been loving having these apps on my phone so I can read on the train and highly recommend that you download them as well!