My self-love Lucy La Riot photoshoot

Despite my life reset, I have not been feeling very good about myself and how I look lately. Although I think I’m awesome, I’ve been having a hard time feeling the same about my appearance.

Honestly, it’s been pissing me off. It’s pissing me off because I know better. I’m furious that I’ve been feeling this way about my body. My body is stronger than it’s ever been, my body is able to run farther than it’s ever run before, my body weighs the same it’s weighed for the past 4 years, and my body is currently wearing size small leggings so it is ridiculous to think my body is fat or ugly or anything of the sort. I know all this, but yet when I look in the mirror all those positive and rational thoughts go away.

I’ve been debating getting pictures taken of me for a while. In high school, senior pictures were a big deal and I’ve never really liked mine so I had been debating getting portraits done. Then I saw Lucy La Riot.

Wow, no way was I going to do boring portraits, not when THIS was an option! I was all prepared to book a classic pin up session when I saw that Anna had added a new category: Horror Noir.

To sum up my thoughts; Yes.

Yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.



The day of my session I was so nervous. I was bloated and crampy and convinced I was going to feel embarrassed or silly. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Anna was so nice! The session was so fun, there were so many outfit choices to choose from and it was such a treat to get my hair and makeup done. In the package I chose I got to have two outfits and two setups. I decided that in one I would be more clothed and in the other I would be… less clothed. That way I could share one outfit with everyone and have one be just for me.

The actual taking photos bit was a riot. Anna was so great at helping me “get into character” and we were both cracking up from her yelling things like “Okay murderer is around the corner!”, “Oh no, where did your group go??”, “What was that bump???”, and “You know what, let’s actually scream this time. Let it out”.

My session was on a Saturday, on Monday I got my contact sheet from Anna. There were SO MANY choices! I have never liked how I look in photos, but I liked so many of these. It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to 4, but luckily Anna offers more retouched photos for a small fee, so I decided on 5. A week later I got the final retouched files and I am so in love with them.

Here are the photos that I decided to share:

Fun fact: This robe went all the way to the floor and trailed behind and was super duper fun to swoosh around.


And because I want to share Anna’s fancy af scarf tying skills, but not my cleavage, here are two of the other pictures cropped for “modesty”:2

I really really loved the whole scarf thing. Look at that bow! So much classier than a beanie.

Part of the reason I love these is because my normal style isn’t very retro at all, and so I got to act and play a bit of a character. Almost like a window to the alternate reality where I’m a Hollywood housewife in the 1960’s. Yet, even though it’s not my usual style, I can look at these pictures and think “That glamorous person is ME”.

If you’re in the NYC area and want to get some pictures taken, I would highly recommend Lucy La Riot. If you’re not in NYC, but are feeling down about yourself, I would definitely suggest finding a fun photo studio in your area, or even recruiting a friend with a camera, and getting some fun pictures taken. When I think back on this experience or when I look at my photos, I remember how much FUN it was. I felt so happy when these were taken, and that’s way more important than how I look.

  • B.

    OMG! This is amazing! And you look great! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these came right out of a movie!

    • Thank you so much!!! I love how the pictures turned out, Anna did a great job with them!