Picture Wall (Part 1)

I’ve shared some pictures the wall of artwork I’m making in my apartment. A lot of my art is hung here, but there are plenty of other pieces scattered around.  I love sharing things I enjoy and thought I’d take a moment to share five of those pieces and the people who made them.

Since every time I mention it there have been a few frames added, here is the artwork wall in it’s current glory as of this post:


Starting out, we have two from Kate Leth. I got both of these at Special Edition NYC in 2015. It was on my birthday weekend and the con was my present to myself. I ended up getting a lot of art that weekend, and it’s a good weekend to look back on. Kate was awesome and very nice to talk to. I ended up going back both days of the con because Ashley asked me to get a few prints for her as well and she actually remembered me and what we had talked about the day before (I had basically said “explain to me how to get hair like yours). But anyway, she’s hella rad and hella talented and hella nice. Go find her. (not literally good gosh please no stalking)

This used to be on my mirror but then I got worried I would spit on it.


Next up is a sketch of Luna Lovegood. I got this at NYCC 2015 at a booth in Artist Alley offering very quick sketches of any character. I repeat; ANY character. If the artist, Isabelle, didn’t know the character you had to pull up a reference picture on your phone, but luckily we are both huge Luna fans so both of us were very happy with my request. Isabelle has a webcomic, so go check that out.


I got this Thrilling Adventure Hour postcard at NYCC 2014. It is signed by Paul F. Tompkins and John Hodgeman. I hope they never remember this encounter because I got very nervous because as I arrived their handlers some me something like “They’re leaving NOW OMG GOOOOO” and so I panicked and started word vomiting all over the place. Poor John got the worst of it since he was first at the table. I’ve never been more embarrassed and could not for the life of me keep my mouth closed. Thank goodness Paul is fraking smooth as hell because once he started talking I magically shut up. I think it has something to do with the bow tie… anyway, I got the autograph so high fives all around!


I realized as I was deciding what to put in this post that I currently have three pieces of Spider-Gwen art in my room. I love her I do and this print of Spider-Gwen and Batgirl makes me ridiculously happy. This was also a Special Edition NYC find and Ron Chan is lovely as well. (To be honest, every single person I talked to there was cool and I talk a little about it in my post on IGGPPC. Yay for smaller cons.) Ron has a shop and a Tumblr so go and look for more stuff.

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